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03-04-2008, 11:59 AM
Job Title:
Graphic Designer

Skills, abilities and knowledge:[/SIZE]

- Photoshp CS2 and Image Ready - are a must;
we’re looking for someone with excellent skills!
- Photoshp CS3 is a plus;
- Basic CSS knowledge;
- Good grasps of form, texture, colors and fonts (we’re
not looking for a ‘technician’, but rather a creative, talented person,
who can put ideas into images, and get the message through)
- Rigor and autonomy
- A determined goal-getting person, who takes pleasure in what
he does (designing);
- Open-minded person who is efficient and motivated
- Good and reliable team-player, that can work under deadlines;
- Good communication and problem-solving skills
- Sense of humor is a plus :)

Ideal Candidate:

We’re looking for a talented, creative Graphic Designer; an individual
who is determined to meet his goals and enjoys life to it’s full extent.
Someone with talent, who can draw – put ideas into images - and with good
skills too; a person who, like is, is aware of the computer being only
a tool – which he uses to ‘exploit’ his talent.

Must have graduated – or be a senior student (= in his last year) at an
art University. If not, he/she will have to prove his/her drawing talent.

Other Information About the Job:

- Full-time employment (8 hours a day)
- Location: Bucharest, str. Orzari (P-ta Muncii Subway Station)

Job Responsibilities:

- Designing web page layouts
- Come up with ideas for and design: banners and graphic e-mails
- Imagine and design covers for our digital products (e-books,
audio books, software, etc)

We offer:

- A motivating salary (a base, net salary of $900, that will
increase according to your competencies, talent and ability to
create good pieces)
- Lunch is assured by our catering company, and is served at the
office’s headquarters.
- A friendly work environment, consisting of a young,
dynamic team
- Perspectives for long term collaboration
- The possibility of choosing your working hours (8 hours a day,
but you can decide at what hour you start)
- You may choose to work up to 30% of your working hours
(in a week) from outside the office (from home, for example)

We know that if you’re not happy, you can’t be creative... And
we need you creative!

Please send your CV (including your portfolio) at

Boom Marketing official site:: www.BoomMarketing.ro

About the company:

Boom Marketing is a dynamic internet startup that has one big hairy
audacious goal: generate higher returns for it's customers than any
other performance based marketing company.

We will achieve this by creating & testing high converting creatives,
improving winners & continuing to roll-out until we dominate the
particular industry or niche market.

Our team consists of creative and tenacious young people, all
specialized in different fields of activity. We try to do our best
in every given situation and the only way for us to achieve this is
by being good team players.

We strive to be the best in the world at what we do. We never give
up. We become masters by knowledge, practice, dedication, having a
winner's attitude and going the extra mile. We love to create new,
useful, easy to use, cool products and processes.

We work hard - and play hard. There's more to life than just work,
so we like to celebrate our achievements!