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26-01-2009, 08:09 PM
Caut graphic artist.

Jocul degony va fi medieval fantasy asa ca va fie nevoie de poze (creionat + scanat + photoshop/corel pt adaugare culori si efecte) cum vezi prin world of warcraft, gothic, baldur's gate, diablo etc.

Asta este povestea jocului:


The game will be set in medieval times, but with a twist.

People start waking up in new, strange plains. Some say that God has sent them here to test their faith. Others say that demons have kidnapped them from their homes. No one knows exactly where they are and what they need to do.

What's obvious is that people are starting to build up small communities so they can survive. The animals are, let's say different from those back home, the forests are ghastly, the nights are very long and they fear for their lives.

People have started to get organized, teach each other how to fight, build, cook, bringing them closer to each other. There are no laws, no rulers, but they have already started to look at Ghalos as their leader, their king.

Ghalos was a prince back home and people look to him with great respect. Often he hesitates on taking this burden seriously, but people started to put faith into his words. This is how they started to call these plains Degony.


Proiectul consta in a lucra cu mine, eu facand codul si tu faci pozele. La inceput (primul subproiect) va fi nevoie de un banner pt forum, un splash pt pagina curenta de aici www.degony.com si un avatar ca sa-l folosesc pe forum si alte situri. Plata va fi facuta dupa fiecare subproiect. Primul subproiect este mai mic ca sa vedem cum e cu colaborarea, plata, si alte detalii.

Jocul va fi facut in 2 etape. Mai intai va fi varianta beta care va fi lansat cat de repede posibil (3-4 luni). Asta va consta in putine harti, vreo 5 creaturi, doar o rasa (human) de ales si o singura ocupatie (Warrior), vreo 10-15 items si vreo 2-3 portrete, plus situl in sine ce defapt reprezinta jocul. Urmatoarea etapa va fi adaugarea treptat de creaturi, items, races, harti, quests..etc.etc.

Colaborarea va fi de lunga durata, de asta caut pe cineva serios.

Daca poti sa-mi faci un orc (desenat pe foaie + colorat in photoshop/corel) ar fi minunat. In felul asta pot sa-mi fac si eu o parere de stilul pe care il ai si daca se pliaza pe ce are fi nevoie pt joc.

Am aici o arhiva mica cu vreo cateva poze ca sa-ti faci asa o parere cam ce stil as vrea.


Daca esti interesat sa colaborezi la acest proiect, trimite un mail la degony @ gmail.com