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Thread: End of the World - OTAKU MAG call for works!!

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    End of the World - OTAKU MAG call for works!!

    OTAKU MAGAZINE call for next issue submission...
    End of The World

    There are talks and debates, predictions and prophecies that the End is near and it's getting closer. We all heard it... If we won’t self-destruct, maybe Mother Earth will get read of us, ungrateful children, or maybe we’ll all move on the Internet, transform into bytes and communicate in ones and zeros?

    How and when it will happen... nobody knows. But it is certain that, if there will be some to live afterwards, all of them will be Otaku. May it be a battle between giant robots and the angels of the Apocalypse, a God Warriors holocaust which will transform the planet into a Toxic Wasteland ruled by giant sentient insects, the all-destructive blast of rage driven by frustrated mutant adolescents. Otakus have seen it all and more then once.

    Or maybe, the End is inside each and every one of us and it is happening little by little... Is there a chance of salvation, is it worth fighting back, will the End be a new Beginning?

    Tell us all about in the next issue “End Of The World”.
    Issue introduction by INKAMON

    Call for help just in case it’s coming near your hometown

    The last time I was watching “Life After People” documentary, featuring the great accomplishments of mankind, that collapsed heavily after the first years of post-human ignorance, stripped of the old care and upkeep. All of a sudden, the house started to shake; the earthquake had begun, along with the Eiffel Tower that was falling just like a rusty gantry; the dogs barked and all the telephone networks and telecommunication technology had crushed in an instant after the smallest tremble.

    Otaku magazine wishes to spread survival methods and plans for after the cataclysm. The end of the World started a long time ago, said Edward O. Wilson and others, it has already begun as a great extinction of living species, probably similar to that happened at the end of the last ice age. All the mega-fauna had disappeared and humans started to practice agriculture. The estimations for the number of small and huge extinctions that marked life history on Earth vary from 5 to over 20. The last one, of meteoritic proportions, had crushed the Earth exactly when dinosaurs were the big and mighty creatures of the time.

    How can we prepare ourselves? What is to be done to assure the survival of humankind or of our most distant successors? How do we prepare the men of the future and solve some of the problems they may be facing? No one knows what it will be next, how will life on Earth be after today’s people will parish. We may not prevent the apocalyptic end, but at least we can postpone it for a while. If we know what the "worst case scenario" is, then we are supposed to have an idea about what is to be done.

    What do you choose to do after all?

    Issue introduction by MEGATRON

    DEADLINE: July 31, 2009

    Dimensions: 150x220mm-5mm (bleed)
    Formats: TIF, PNG, PSD, JPG, PDF
    Systems: CMYK and/or GRAYSCALE
    Resolution: 300 DPI
    Maximum number of illustrations accepted: 2
    Maximum number accepted of pages for comics (only grayscale): 16

    Format: 720x576 avi or quicktime format, dv-pal compression and sound of 48kHz
    Maximum duration accepted (amv, animation, experimental movie, motion graphics, VJ-ing): 3:30 min
    Maximum duration accepted (documentary): 15 min
    Maximum number of video productions accepted: 2
    IMPORTANT ! Subbed AMVs are not allowed and therefore they will be excluded from selection.

    Format: mp3
    Audio quality: 192 kbps, 48 kHz
    Maximum duration accepted: 6 min
    Maximum number of audio productions accepted: 2

    Please contact us (otakumag (at) gmail (dot) com) for further details and for the submission of materials.
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    End of the World OTAKU MAG call for works

    CALL FOR PAPERSWorld War I and the Non-Turkish Minorities in the Ottoman Empire:Armenians, Assyrians and GreeksNew York, NY, May 21 - 22, 2015

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