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Having an appointment with that special person does not necessarily mean you have to leave home. When they decide to stay, there is an opportunity to focus on both of them and their relationship without distractions.

In addition, we are in a time when the weather does not cooperate, so staying at home to share a blanket and a warm hug sounds better than walking on the street with cold.

That's why we give you some ideas to have a romantic date at home with your partner.
Wine, candles and film

Look for a movie that both want to see or take turns to decide the movie of the night. You can also find the first movie you saw together and relive beautiful moments. The wine and candles are to give a more romantic atmosphere and take the typical afternoon film to another level.
Picnic at home

This is a simple way to relax. Look for many sheets and bedspreads, assemble a comfortable set, sexy, full of cushions and pillows. Prepare a rich dinner that is not complicated, sit down to eat, talk and listen to music. This can become one of the most romantic and intimate moments of your relationship.
Garment Poker

We've seen it in many, many movies, but really who has played poker for clothes? If you have not done it, take advantage of the occasion and challenge your partner to play everything for everything. Try it, it can be a very bold and sexy activity.

It's not about going to "dance at the club", but about something more original and fun. Try to take a ballroom dance class in your own home with videos on YouTube, or if you are more technically put together a JustDance4 contest.
Spa night

Spa nights are not just for girls. So put together some aromatic oils, fluffy towels and music for the occasion. Take turns to massage your feet, neck and back. Do not forget that it is something to relax, so try to be gentle and why not, something sensual.

And for you, what would be the perfect romantic date at home? Tell us.

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